Car Dehumidifier Reusable – Anti-Condensation

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This car dehumidifier from Lafita is reusable. Use the Lafita dehumidifier to get rid of condensation and fogged windows in your car, boat, or caravan. The Lafita dehumidifier extracts excess moisture from the air and retains it. No leaking. The product can be positioned anywhere in your car. The Lafita dehumidifier is reusable. Put the full Lafita dehumidifier in the microwave for 6 minutes at approx. 600 watts and then it will be ready for reuse. It does not leak!

Lafita Car Dehumidifier Reusable – Anti-Condensation

Weight 0,450 kg
Dimensions 18 × 4,5 × 11 cm

450 grams

SKU LF4V008-2x
SKU LF4V008-3x
SKU LF4V008-4x

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