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Deicer Pellets 3,5 ltr 90m2

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Prevent and control slippery conditions with deicer pellets from Lafita. The Deicer pellets work 50% faster and longer than road salt. Enough to dissolve approximately 90m2 of snow and ice.

What is the difference between deicer pellets and road salt?
Deicer pellets work better, longer and more efficiently than road salt. You also don’t need to use as much. In addition, it is harmless to plants and trees because the deicer pellets don’t suffocate the roots of plants.

How do you use deicer pellets?
You can toss the deicer pellets before it begins to freeze or snow as this will prevent slipperiness. Spread evenly to dissolve all snow and ice.

Unique benefits:
You can use the deicer pellets to prevent slippery conditions
Works faster and better than regular road salt
Prevents re-freezing
Durable use of materials
No damage to flora and fauna

Lafita Deicer Pellets 3,5 ltr 90m2

Weight 3,35 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 20,2 cm

3350 grams

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