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Humid Absorber Refill 1200 grams – XL Value Pack 8 pieces

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Do you have a lot of undesired moisture in your house? Maybe in your bathroom, toilet, living room or bedroom, for example? Why not put a moisture trap in every room! The moisture trap extracts the moisture in the room and collects it in the container. When the moisture trap is empty and the container is full of water, you can empty the container and put a refill bag in the moisture trap container. A refill lasts about 1-3 months. This value pack contains 8 refills. This will last you for a long time! This package does NOT contain the moisture trap tray itself. If you don’t have these yet, look at our Starter Set including tray

Lafita Humid Absorber Refill 1200 grams – XL Value Pack 8 pieces

Weight 9,6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 4 cm

1200 grams

SKU LF4V907-3x
SKU LF4V907-4x
SKU LF4V907-2x

Operating instructions

The product may occasionally feel hard or lumpy.
That’s because of a difference in temperature, for example, storage in a cold location, or due to external (weather).
It does not have any additional influence on the quality of the product!
If the product is used as per the (user) manual, it will automatically collect moisture again, release it and dissolve it in the container.


Safety information


Download the MSDS safety information about this product:

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