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Perfume Card Alésia

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Gives off a luxurious scent. Suitable for the car, on the toilet, or in the wardrobe or cupboard drawer. Do not bring the Perfume Card into direct contact with sensitive fabrics, leather, etc. The card can be reactivated by simply flapping it. The card is active for 21 to 60 days, depending on the situation.

Lafita Perfume Card Alésia

Weight 0,88 kg
Dimensions 8,5 × 0,3 × 16 cm

Spicy & Woody (Alesia)

SKU LF1V228-8-4x
SKU LF1V228-8-2x
SKU LF1V228-8
SKU LF1V228-8-3x

Operating instructions

Safety information

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Tips & Tricks

  • Put the card in the ventilation grille of the car for extra effect
  • Card works best at room temperature
  • Put the cards in your vacuum cleaner bag, Put 1 or 2 perfume cards in the vacuum cleaner bag, This removes unpleasant odours from the vacuum cleaner, ensuring that the vacuum cleaner diffuses a lovely fresh scent.
  • These perfume cards last significantly longer than paper alternatives
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